Services Offered

Lash Extensions

Classic Lash Full Set
This set is perfect if you’re looking for a soft natural look
Classic 2 week fill
Classic 3 week fill
Hybrid Full Set
This set is an everyday look. It is a mix of classic and volume lashes, so you will get the fullness without it being too dramatic.
Hybrid 2 week fill
Hybrid 3 week fill
Volume Full Set
This set is perfect if you like a full and dramatic look.
Volume 2 week fill
Volume 3 week fill


Amethyst Glow Facial (60 min)
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Calm your mind and soothe your skin with the tranquil energy of Amethyst. This facial is perfect for reducing stress, reducing inflammation in the skin, and rejuvenating your skin’s youthful.
Citrine Radiance Facial (40 min)
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Let the warm sunny energy of citrine revitalize your skin.
Jade Serenity Facial (90 Min)
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This facial is designed to improve skin elasticity, calm sensitive skin, and includes derma-planing.

What  To Expect

When you step into Alchemy Aesthetics, you’re not just a client; you’re a radiant soul ready to shine even brighter! Here’s what to expect during your visit
Brittany will have a one-on-one consultation with you to understand your needs and expectations, ensuring the service chosen is tailored just for you
Personalized Service
Whether it’s a set of lash extensions or a revitalizing facial, each service is executed with utmost precision and care, aligning with your unique beauty needs.
Relaxing Environment
Immerse yourself in our tranquil space, designed to help you unwind and feel at peace as you receive your treatment.
High-Quality Products
Experience the best with our clean, sustainable, and natural products used in every service
Aftercare Guidance
Before you leave, Brittany will provide you with personalized aftercare instructions to help maintain the results of your service
We care about your experience and satisfaction, so expect a follow-up from us to ensure that you’re absolutely delighted with our service.
Ready to let your inner light shine?
Book your appointment with Alchemy Aesthetics today and embark on a journey towards radiant beauty and tranquility.
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